Visa Stamping Services

Foreign travel, whether for employment, business, or any visit, begins with Visa Stamping Services being required. For instance, in Gulf countries like Saudi Arabia, one needs a medical test from an approved center and a police clearance certificate. Similarly, documentation changes depending on the type of job/visit, Muslim/Non-Muslim, tour/residence, etc. However, no need to panic! We are capable of doing it all. Our services are available pan India and can be provided for all GCC nations, including Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Dubai UAE, Qatar, Oman, and many others. Some of these are:

  • Providing all related and necessary information
  • Collection and preparation of documents as per specifications
  • Uploading all data on the most secure and official servers
  • Bio-metric/biographic info collection, if required, at the Visa Applications Center (VAC)
  • Calculation and cash management of visa charges and other fees due and paying the same.
  • Quality scrutiny of reports to prevent rejection or delay
  • Transmission of data to the servers of the Embassy or Consulate
  • Ensuring that the data is appropriately processed and formalities completed
  • Retrieving the processed application from the Embassy / Consulate VAC
  • Delivery of the application to the client by courier or making it available for collection
  • Keeping the client/applicant informed at every stage of the progress of the application

So once you contact Alliance Recruitment Services LLP with your requirements, you can leave it to the professionals to get your job done.

Overseas Recruitment

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP provides its clients with suitable candidates backed with years of experience and international recruitment and placements expertise. Our tie-ups and networking with the best training institutes and colleges across India enable us to source well-qualified students & alums in the job market. Our tech-enabled database of thousands across a spectrum of categories is sufficient. Still, if necessary, we do not hesitate to run advertisements and handpick candidates to meet our client's needs. We are more than an overseas placement consultancy. Our team comprises certified HR experts and professional advisers from various spheres. We take care of the following jobs on your behalf:

  • Provide facilities to the candidates coming for the preliminary interviews and shortlist them as per the client's requirements.
  • Test candidates if required for trade/skill, technical or professional proficiency, and send the client details of the candidates selected for a final interview with your company representative
  • Arrange for formalities and documentation as mandatorily required on time. These include Passport Processing, Immigration Clearance, Police Certificate, Visa Stamping, Medical Reports, Attestations, etc.
  • Providing the candidates an orientation of the country and company where they would be employed with the Dos and Don'ts, personal conduct, local laws, travel permits, lifestyle, and contracts.
  • All our operations are computerized and digitized to make communication and reporting easy. Our real-time updates and clients have access to info due to our transparency.

Our growing international clients are satisfied with repeatedly outsourcing HR assignments and recommend Alliance Recruitment Services LLP to others looking for recruiting or staffing from India and Asian countries.

Emigration Clearance Services

The relevant Ministries of the Government of India are keen to simplify emigration to foreign countries and make it easy for Indians to travel abroad. Thus, procedures and formalities keep changing at the Protector of Emigration (PoE) office. Systems and formats have been upgraded to make online submission of documents possible in many cases. Here is where Alliance Recruitment Services LLP comes in:


The office of the Protector of Emigrants (PoE) issues "Emigration Clearance" for different categories of travelers. Accordingly, we have -

  • Passports with the endorsement: "Emigration Check Required" (ECR)
  • Passports with the endorsement: "Emigration Check Not Required" (ECNR)

Those with an ECR stamp are required to get ECNR from PoE, if traveling to certain countries.

Emigration for Gulf Countries

These documents are needed to be submitted in the prescribed format to PoE which we do -

  • Power of Attorney – for recruiting / servicing the visa mentioned.
  • Demand Letter
  • Work Agreement – Unskilled category must be attested by the Indian Embassy

Emigration for KSA

We submit to the PoE these documents in prescribed format for travel to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia -

  • Wakkala (Power of Attorney) for recruiting / servicing the visa mentioned
  • Demand Letter
  • Employment Agreement – attested by Chamber of Commerce and for Unskilled category it must attested by Indian Embassy

Indians Entitled to ECNR

The following Indians are entitled for ECNR stamp, though the updated applicability will be at the time of travel -

  • Persons in managerial capacity and possessing specialized qualifications/degrees
  • All Gazetted Government servants.
  • All Income-Tax payers
  • All professional Degree holders like Doctors, Engineers, Advocates, etc.
  • Spouses and dependent children up to the age of 24 years of category of persons listed from A to D.
  • All persons staying abroad for more than three years and spouses or children up to the age of 24 years of such persons.
  • Seamen who are in possession of CDC or Sea Cadets.
  • Deck Cadets or specific categories of others, details of which can be procured from us

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP also assists in getting corrected passports wrongly categorized as ECR and get rectification done from the issuing Regional Passport Office (RPO) before he undertakes a journey.

Document Attestation & Legalization

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP is an attestation service provider for several Governments in India and the world over. We accept documents from individuals and representatives and facilitate them by providing quick and genuine Ministry Attestation Services. It is a process of authenticating the documents issued in one country and intended for use in another country to be recognized as valid in the destination country. These may be personal, commercial, educational, or non-educational documents.

Our validating services are quick, secure, and genuine. We guide and provide instructions to assist our clients in getting authentic documentation done. We also offer a broad spectrum of related services to make the entire process stress-free, such as Ministry/Embassy/Consular attestation, translation services, state attestation services, etc. We have a large skilled resource base of retired professional experts equipped with the latest digital, technological, and networking solutions.

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