Oman Visa Stamping in Mumbai India / Oman Visa Document Processing Services

Alliance can assist you with Oman Visa Stamping. Alliance has tremendous experience and expertise for preparation of visa applications and submission to the concerned country's Embassy / High Commission or Consulate. We can promptly guide you in the application filling process and fulfilling other documentary requirements.

The Government of India issues visas to foreign nationals to visit India for various purpose as Tourism, Medical treatment, Business, Studies etc. Alliance assists with visa stamping and here are some documents you require for the same.

The Government of India issues three types of visas for travellers to Oman:
1. Visa on Arrival (Issued on arrival at the airport)
2. Electronic Visa (Issued by Government of India through e-visa portal)
3. Regular paper visa (Issued by Embassy of India)

For Oman Visa Stamping documents processing under various category of visas, we advice and guide our clients how to complete all required formalities to get desired visa for Oman. Alliance Recruitment Services LLP also help their client to become an eligible visa applicant if they does not fulfill the criteria. Our price packages of Visa stamping services are very reasonable in comparision to others Visa Stamping Agent Companies for Oman. We have catered to thousands of our customers in Document attestation and Visa stamping for jobs in Oman & other Gulf countries. Alliance Recruitment Services LLP is known for its authenticity, rates, and prompt service so, it will be our pleasure if you give us a chance to get your residence and other documents for attestation along with visa stamping for Oman & other Gulf countries.

Oman Visa Stamping Services in India

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP based in Mumbai, India is an ocean for information for passengers visiting Oman for Visa Stamping of documents for various travel purposes. Visa stamping is a compulsion for person visiting Oman. Medical tests from a known approved medical centre is one of the prominent requirements for applying for Oman Visa stamping in Mumbai or Oman Visa Stamping in New Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad, Kochi, Kerala, Chennai or Bangalore. In addition to medical, a police clearance certificate PCC will be required. Oman has different requirement of papers depending on the job you are selected for, if in the past you have worked in Oman or the candidate is a muslim or a non-muslim. We at Alliance Recruitment Services LLP have vast experience in dealing with all sorts of Oman visa stamping requirements.

Oman Tourist Visa Stamping

  • Passport with a minimum 6 months validity
  • Visa application form
  • Photographs against a white background
  • Hotel Voucher / Booking / Reservation
  • Return Air Tickets
  • Travel Insurance

Oman Work Visa Stamping requires an employer who requests and takes responsibility of the employee coming to Oman for employment. This visa is valid for 2 years beginning from the date of stamping on the passport.

Oman Employment Visa Stamping

  • Online Visa Application
  • Photographs
  • Copy of the foreigner’s passport, with a minimum 6 months validity
  • Original Labour permit issued by Ministry of Manpower along with copies in each application form
  • Medical Fitness Certificate

Things to remember while applying for Oman Visa Stamping:

  • Ensure the photographs submitted are not more than six months old
  • Ensure that the passport has a validity of minimum six months
  • The applicant's information should match the passport

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