Passport Emigration Clearance Services for Oman

In accordance with the Emigration Act, 1983, specific categories of Indian passport holders are required to obtain "Emigration Clearance" from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE) before seeking employment abroad. This is where Alliance comes into play!

Navigating the paperwork, rules, and changing regulatory requirements can be overwhelming for many individuals. Our well-established network with the Protector General of Emigrants (PGEs) and Protectors of Emigrants (POEs) ensures a smooth and streamlined process to obtain Emigration Clearance for intending emigrants, following the prescribed procedure.

Employment, as defined by the Emigration Act 1983, encompasses various services, occupations, or engagements, excluding those under the central or state government, where individuals work for wages or rewards. This includes:

  • Any unskilled work, including any form of industrial or agriculture labour
  • Domestic services.
  • Non-managerial roles in hotels, restaurants, tea-houses, or places of public resort. Jobs as drivers, mechanics, technicians, skilled labourers, artisans,
  • office assistants, accountants, typists, stenographers, salespersons, nurses, or machine operators.
  • Employment in connection with cinema, exhibitions, entertainment, or
  • Any work specified by the central government through notification, considering the protection of Indian citizens employed in such work outside India and other relevant circumstances.

At Alliance, our team of consultants possesses in-depth regional insights and assists individuals seeking immigration to various countries. Leveraging technology, we ensure hassle-free document submission, and all necessary paperwork is completed with ease.

eMigrate serves as the Indian Government's portal for automating Emigration Processes. It electronically links all key stakeholders involved in the emigration lifecycle, including Indian Missions, PGE, PoE, FEs, RAs, Emigrants, and Insurance Agencies, on a common electronic platform.

Or individuals holding ECR Passports, "Emigration Check required" (ECR) countries are those currently specified by the Government of India. It is mandatory for such individuals to obtain "Emigration Clearance" (EC) from the POE before embarking on employment in any of these ECR countries. Additionally, specific work categories may be notified by the central government, considering the need to protect Indian citizens employed in such work abroad and other relevant factors.

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For Passport Emigration Clearance, some of the documents required are as follows:

  • Power of Attorney (Authorising Alliance to liaison and carry out the emigration process on your behalf)
  • Demand Letter
  • Work Agreement

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP stands as a leading service provider for Emigration Clearances for Oman, offering Passport Emigration Clearance Services for Employment in Oman, ECNR Clearance for Oman, ECNR Stamping for Oman, and ECR Clearance for Oman. We extend Passport Emigration clearance services for Drivers, House Boys, Housemaids, and various employment categories from cities like Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Pune, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Trivandrum, and Chandigarh.

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