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We are a company approved by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India. Over the years, we have emerged as leaders in the recruitment sector for the Gulf region. With our headquarters in Mumbai, Alliance has a network of offices and branches across India and the world. We prioritize your requirements and assure you of a hassle-free experience.

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What is Emigration?

"Emigrate" and “Emigration” means the departure out of India of any person with a view to taking up any Employment (whether or not under an agreement or other arrangements to take up such employment and whether with or without the assistance of a registered Recruiting Agent (RA) or Employer) in any country or place outside India.

When "Emigration Clearance" is Required.

‘Emigration Clearance’ is mandatory only when an ‘ECR’ Passport holder is proceeding on ‘Employment’ to any of the specified ‘ECR’/”Emigration Check Required” countries.

When "Emigration Clearance" is not Required ”? Emigration Clearance’ is not at all required in all the following cases/circumstances :

  • All ‘ECNR’ Passport holders do not require “Emigration Clearance” for travelling to any country irrespective of the category of the country and irrespective of the purpose of travel.
  • All ‘ECR’ Passport holders when travelling to any of the ‘ECNR’ country do not require ‘Emigration Clearance’ irrespective of the purpose of travel.
  • All ‘ECR’ Passport holders when travelling to any of the 17 specified ‘ECR’ countries for purposes “other than employment” like tour visit/business visit/family visit etc. do not require emigration clearance. However, they should carry a valid two-way return air ticket as a form of assurance of their return to India before the expiry of the Visa period. Further they may be required to carry a letter from the sponsor of their visit and other documents as may be specified by the Immigration authorities at the Immigration check counters at all International airports in India
  • All pilgrims going for Haj and Umrah to Saudi Arabia and those Pilgrims travelling with the declared purpose of performing Ziarat to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Egypt and Yeman do not require emigration clearance irrespective of their Passport category.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to get an ECR stamp if you travel abroad for leisure?

No, Indian passport holders travelling abroad for a purpose other than employment don’t need to obtain an ECR stamp, effective from 1st October 2007.

Can You Obtain an Emergency ECNR?

Yes, immigration officers at airports can provide exemption in cases of emergency. You need to provide documents such as attested copies of educational qualifications or your most recent income tax return to the immigration officer.​

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP professionals can help you secure a Emigration clearance in any part of India no matter whether you are a company, individual. With us, you can also reissue it with ease.'

Those who are having ECR (Emigration Check Required) passports and planning to travel on work visa to the following countries:-

• UAE (United Arab Emirates) • KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) • Qatar • Oman • Kuwait • Bahrain • Malaysia • Libya • Jordan • Yemen • Sudan • Afghanistan • Indonesia • Syria • Lebanon • Thailand • Iraq

Must get emigration clearance from the office of Protector of Emigrants (POE) under Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs.

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