With over two decades of experience, Alliance Recruitment Services has made its mark globally as one of the leading companies in staffing, executive search, and recruitment. At Alliance Recruitment Services, we understand that the way to distinguish an organization from the rest is through its workforce. We are committed to finding the right person to do the job at the right time for you.

Alliance Recruitment Services has a team of specialists in recruitment for various industries. Once we know your requirement, we work to build a rich talent pool to integrate with a seamless recruitment process at optimized costs.

We have become a preferred talent acquisition partner to various multinationals in the Middle East, Europe, and other regions. Throughout the years, we have built a network of recruiting teams in multiple locations to maintain diverse recruitment and human resources supply standards.

At Alliance Recruitment Services, we understand that the quality of its people defines an organization's success. As your talent acquisition partner, we combine our passion for people with intelligent technology to help you convert potential into performance.

Over the years, we have expanded our expertise to assist with recruitment and workforce supply, headhunting, staffing, executive search and recruitment, succession planning and top leadership recruitment, and more to best serve you at the right time.

Alliance Recruitment Services is among the most significant, most stable, and probably the best resource in the region. Please get in touch with our experts for customized staffing solutions for your organization.

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP is a Manpower Consultancy which holds a recruitment license issued by Government Of India. Alliance Recruitment Services LLP has made over 2,50,000 placements in 30+ countries. Over the past few years we have been serving as a catalyst in bringing together career seekers and employers from across the world. We have been instrumental in placing unskilled, semi skilled, skilled and highly skilled personnel in the various sectors globally with an aim to achieve more in the future.

Alliance Recruitment Services LLP is one of India’s leading HR solutions company with over 30 years of experience. Over the years our clients have vouched for our expertise, creativity and integrity. With an industry-acclaimed management and a team of skilled experts we deliver effective solutions in no time. We constantly push ourselves and build authentic and transparent relationships with all our clients and associates.

Why Alliance Recruitment Services is the partner you've been looking for

  • Our recruitment team understands your industry and area of specialization to give you customized solutions.
  • We provide expert talent solutions through an efficient recruitment process that gets you the right person for the right job.
  • We understand deadlines and ensure we attract and hire the best talent within the shortest period.
  • Work with a dedicated team of recruiters who exclusively work for you based on your requirements.
  • We offer complete support in vetting candidates, virtual recruitment processes, background checks, and negotiation with potential hires.
  • We provide free replacement options and planning support if a recruit exits within three months.
  • The discreet and confidential recruitment process for executive search and top leadership recruitment.
  • Prompt and swift support as your talent solutions partner.

So once you contact Alliance Recruitment Services LLP with your requirements, you can leave it to the professionals to get your job done.

A streamlined recruitment & staffing procedure:

Alliance Recruitment Services is committed to finding the perfect match for your organization and industry through a streamlined recruitment and selection process. We want to deliver positive and long-term outcomes for our candidates and clients and use a reliable and transparent screening process to serve your business.

  • Thorough scrutiny and vetting process
    Our team of experienced recruiters ensures that the candidates are thoroughly vetted and undergo the required scrutiny to ensure that the selected candidate is a valuable asset to your organization.
  • Making the best pick from the talent pool.
    As your trusted business partner, Alliance Recruitment Services works to identify the best candidate among countless profiles. Our investments in technology, artificial intelligence, and data analytics, coupled with our experience and expertise, enable us to select the right fit for the job.
  • Providing you with perfect records
    Our team of vigilant professionals carefully sieve through potential candidates and run the required background & reference checks, verifications, etc. The relevant data and records, therefore, back our selections.
  • Medical examination
    Alliance Recruitment Services provides comprehensive solutions as candidates are also checked for medical fitness to perform their job roles. We, therefore, have a dedicated team looking into medical examination and documentation of the medical history and other reports of the candidates.
  • Visa and emigration
    As Alliance Recruitment Services is involved in global recruitment procedures, we are on board as your complete talent solutions partner. Our assistance is therefore also extended to our clients in the visa and emigration process for the selected candidates.

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